Seeking Solace in Massage

Stones in the SandThere is something to be said about seeking solace in massage therapy. On the massage table, nothing else matters. The world, as you know it… does not exist.

Eventually, as the massage ends and you drift back into consciousness, things become much clearer – there’s more clarity, focus, and reflective contemplation.


noun – comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness

  • There will be sad days… ones where you feel as though the world is coming down on you. You feel your entire body seize and curl up into a ball of profound tightness, uncharacteristically tense. Then you realize just how tired you really feel – Work starts to suffer a bit and your attention drifts from things that were once enjoyable to feeling… empty.
    Massage works amazing wonders for this.
    When you’re at one of these low times, seek solace in massage with Tahoe Massage. You’ll find a very comforting massage table, a listening ear, and quiet… the quiet you crave. The massage table becomes that friend you need… in a time where reflection and solitude are necessary.
    The first thing you need to do the minute you start feeling this way is to schedule a massage. You’ll find that your mood starts improving fairly quickly. Then, when you get to your massage, take a deep breath in, and exhale. You’ll find that your shoulders start to ease up a bit. Then, lay down. Clear your mind of all negativity and focus on your breathing.
    You’ve found your solace on the table.

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