Beat the Monday Blah-Blahs

shutterstock_13821664Mondays. Need we say more? You look around, wondering “Where is my massage therapist when I need him/her?”

Shaking your first up in the air, you exclaim with purpose “I should have booked that massage for tonight when I had the chance!” Looking blankly at your computer screen, you realize that the 5-hour energy drinks just are NOT doing it for you. Where’s the inspiration? Where’s the motivation to do a great job at work? Yup, you’re not feeling it.

We know exactly how you feel. Trying to survive a Monday without having a massage to look forward to is like climbing Mt. Rainier without a jacket or rope. Not a good idea. There have been better ideas… like the iPod.

Which makes us wonder… did the creators of such wonderful technologies have the Monday blah-blahs? Or were they able to create these devices and new concepts because they had clearer heads, more focused thought processes and better functioning bodies? Something to think about, for sure.

They probably got massage on a routine basis – took care of themselves – and as a result were able to create some amazing technology for us all to enjoy. This is probably one of the big reasons technology companies like Google have put in massage therapy treatment rooms for their employees. They recognize that with it, people are able to apply their genius at work so much more productively and happily!

So, let’s beat the Monday blah-blahs. Book those massage appointments, give yourself something to look forward to, and ENJOY your Monday instead of dreading it!

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